Valtech Case Study

Client: Valtech (student client brief)
Agency: Affari
Date: February 2018
Services: Graphic Design, Motion Design, Video Editing

Throughout their journey of spreading knowledge of the medical device industry, Smith & Nephew collaborated with Valtech in the creation of a short and informative interview that discussed topics ranging from previous company project failures, how they should have been solved and the outcome of a problem Smith & Nephew had experienced.

It was Valtech’s vision that this interview would have as an addition some 2D animated graphical elements to help introduce conversation topics while being visually appealing and appropriate at the same time. I was responsible for designing and animating the introduction, three title sections, lower thirds and the outro.

Valtech, where experiences are engineered.

Valtech is an international business-to-client organization that focuses on the transformation of businesses through the way clients connect with their consumers. Valtech optimizes business-related platforms, creating new and relevant hardware while also directing the journey of their customers for higher success rates. Members of Valtech vary from engineers, programmers, UX designers, marketers and innovators which can be located in any of their 36 offices across 16 different countries.

With their expertise being within technology, marketing and experience design, CEO Sebastian Lombardo claims that their true passion is the way in which they address business transformation problems for their clients. Those at Valtech believe that a strong user experience is the root of being able to differentiate themselves from their competitors. As a result, this allows the process of redesigning the journey in which the customer will take to become simplified and more intuitive.

In this talk, Danny Fontaine and Andrew Burns discuss the importance of Smith & Nephew’s employees being able to access shared community channels within their CMS to help build trust between themselves and their customers. In addition to that, Danny and Andrew discuss issues that other companies have experienced that have led to project failures, how they should have been approached differently and answering the question of whether or not Smith & Nephew were able to achieve their objectives.