181201.01_Wacom Pen

Today I began learning Maya. There is a YouTube channel called FlippedNormals that does some great tutorials and podcasts based on 3D modelling and sculptures using ZBrush. During the time spent making progress on the report I was doing for another module, I had created a playlist of their uploads…

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Houdini test

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180710.51_Ghost Busters Trap WIP

Made a tiny bit of progress on the Ghost Buster's trap this evening. I did, however, run into some problems with the way the bottom plate bevels so I decided to leave that part as it wasn't entirely important. It would be more hassle than it is worth, but I am feeling like I am learning at a steady…

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180705.46_Ghost Busters Trap WIP

Not really sure where today has gone to be honest so I haven't done any drawings. On the bright side, I have done some more organizing both physical and digital and started getting back into the Maya for beginners Skillshare class, even if it was only just a little bit. I've began to learn some…

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180615.26_Marvelous Designer Test

I tried out Marvelous Designer for the first time today and I'm really enjoying it so far. After playing around for a short while with the preset garments, I've started to warm-up to this program a little bit. I've even changed the user preference settings so that it uses the same controls as Maya.…

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Sketch and Toon Experiment

I experimented a bit today using Cinema 4D's Cel Shader settings for the luminance effect. I wanted to try replicate the 2D vector style I am fond of but instead using 3 dimensional objects that would work much more dynamically with animated cameras. This is something I have seen done before so I…

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Hello! The journal you see here is a place where I document my work progression on a regular basis.

If you’d like to know more about what I’m doing here in more detail, check out the 2019 Manifesto blog post I’ve written or the Q&As below. Also, feel free to check out my progression and/or message me over on Twitter!

It’s been very much on and off for a few years as I’ve explored how I learn best, but this time round, I started on January 1st 2019.

What you will find here on this journal are three things:

  1. Firstly, is a post of the main work done that day. This can include things such as tutorial work, working each day on longer projects, doing one-off shorter pieces each day for a week, doing a monthly theme such as 36 Days of Type or something totally different. Whatever it is I am working on that day, is what I will post.
  2. Secondly, is a drawing-only post which is really split into two. The first segment is the warm-up sketches; anatomy poses and studies most likely. After that, is the main drawing. This could be a character sketch, a master study, or a continuation of a drawing I’ve done before. As long as it involves stylus to tablet, then that’s what I will be doing.
  3. Thirdly, anything else! This is a journal after all. If anything I decide is worthy of a short entry then I will upload it and place it under the general category. For longer posts, they will go on my blog.

There are several great reasons why one would want to journal:

  1. The first, is that it is a form of discipline. By committing to a task such as this might not seem like much at first, but as life gets in the way, you begin to learn about yourself and what your limits are at pushing how far you can and want go.
  2. Secondly, it’s a frame of reference. If I ever forget something or would like to know what I was doing on whatever week, I have something to look back to. It was one of my favourite things to do back when I used to do this over on Instagram.
  3. Thirdly, this journal isn’t just for me. Just like I do when I visit other websites or profiles, I, as someone less experienced, am always learning something new. I want to share that exact same experience for someone else. If someone who knows less than I can learn a thing or two from me, that would make me pretty happy.
  4. Finally,

The number you see on the left of each title post is a representation of what day I am on. If, for example, if the number says 31, that means I have been documenting my progression on a daily basis for 31 days.

Originally, I wanted this page to function exactly the same as a wordpress.com or Tumblr account would, but due to the theme I am currently using, this is not possible without adding code that causes problems overall. I’ve managed to come to a compromise by simply creating covers, using excerpts and then hiding all of the text content behind a read more button, similarly to how a typical blog might handle this, but other than that, there is not much else I can do.