Today I began learning Maya. There is a YouTube channel called FlippedNormals that does some great tutorials and podcasts based on 3D modelling and sculptures using ZBrush. During the time spent making progress on the report I was doing for another module, I had created a playlist of their uploads and updated it as they released content that interested in. My intentions now is to spend a couple of weeks going through them all while making notes and doing the tutorial, if the video happens to be a tutorial, so that I may get a stronger understanding of the programs I don’t currently know. Although the programs which they specialize in and are teaching do not have any direct correlation towards the first project I am doing, they are programs I wish to learn nonetheless and thought now is a good a time than any to start learning. The screenshot below is what I was able to create by the end of the video:

During the course of a couple of hours that it took me to create this asset, I was taught the basics such as how to use shortcut commands for certain functions, how to switch cameras, add a reference image, where the X-ray option is and how to delete history so that it doesn’t mess things up, amongst several other handy to know tips. I feel like I have learned a tremendous amount here as I am now comfortable enough to go out into Maya and make my own work without needing any assistance. It won’t be perfect or to a professional standard, but at least I know the basics.

However, there was one huge problem I was continually faced with. The problem that took most of my time trying to fix, but only partially succeeding was that when it came to smoothing it out, the geometry would mess up. I figured out that the reason why it was doing this was because I had somehow duplicated edges as I was modelling and didn’t notice until later on. I don’t know how this happened or the proper way to fix it, but it is something I just need to be on the look out for in the future. The images below show a before and after of what I was talking about:

As you can see, the lines in the foreground are messed up in some places when they should be curved properly like the others. The areas where lines are wobbly have duplicated edges and are quite troublesome to get rid of. Whether I am just doing something wrong or not, I don’t know yet at this stage. Tomorrow I hope to do another tutorial based on hard surfacing modelling again so that I may improve on what I already know.