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This page features a collection of work that I have done in the past. Some were done for fun while others were the result of me learning something new and experimenting a bit and now, I want to put them up for download for others to use and learn from as well.

A big part of my education has been through self-learning and relying on free resources online. So many people and websites have dedicated themselves to learning and helping others through free video tutorials, seminars, articles and so on and I will be forever thankful for their hard work. As a result, I too wanted in some way to give back as well. If someone can find value from any of this, then I have done what I have set out to to do.

Absolutely, and if you can, please also include a link back to this website if you upload it somewhere. If for whatever reason you are still unsure about something, just send me an email.

As long as it doesn’t help promote anything negative, then no, there are no exceptions. Have fun with it.

Click on one of the thumbnails then right-click on the mouse and press Save As.

Including my name and/or a link to this website would be lovely. Thank you if you do!

It varies. Whenever I do post something new, I will tweet about it. You can find me on Twitter here if you want to stay up to date.