For my first blog post, I wanted to show some process images I saved along the way as I was working on this Marceline digital painting from Adventure Time. It was, at least to my memory, the first illustration that I have some-what fully completed. Most of the work I do like this tends to be left as just sketches or dropped mid-way due to lack of confidence and/or weak potential, but this one I decided to see it through to the end. I believe at the time I had only started watching Adventure Time and Marceline was the first character I took a liking to, so that might have been why I wanted to draw her. That said, looking back on it now a few months later as I write this text, I feel both a sense of pride but also guilt due to pushing myself further for the better and yet stopping shortly after.

Overall though, I really enjoyed working on this, I experimented with a few new techniques such as adding texture and grass while also learned about how the sun flare tool works; It’s surprising not that bad to be honest. Don’t worry though, it won’t be used again.